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Los Nr. 55 - Auction 94

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Alfredo Sainati (Sestri Ponente 1868 - Bertinoro 1936)

As a theatrical family, first he recited in brilliant roles and Tina Di Lorenzo and in more dramatic roles with Hermes Zacconi. Its fame comes mainly from having formed with his wife Bella Starace [1] The Company of Grand-Guignol, which brought in the Italian theatrical genre of the same name. The debut took place in Rome, at the Teatro Metastasio, in 1908; the company continued to make representations to Italy until its dissolution in 1928. The "Grand Guignol" Italian company is in 1914 the play by Luigi Chiarelli entitled "Extra Dry", a play in one act, that inspired the same year the film "Extra-dry: Carnival 1910 - Carnival 1913". In 1922 represented If that idiot we thought of Silvio Benedetti, one of the emblematic works of the "grotesque theater" autographed postcard of the famous actor.
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