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Los Nr. 12 - Web-Auction 106

950,00 GBP

An eastern Greek green jasper intaglio. Hunting scene.

4th century B.C.
17,5x22x3 mm

Facing left, a griffon attacking a deer. The iconography and style are typical from the graeco-persian repertoire. Double groundline. Use of globular elements. Subject inspired from the Classic greek models. Large size and Wear marks. Rare.
G.M.A., Richter, Catalogue des gemmes gravées grecs, étrusques et romains, p.29 n.110
Furtwangler, Berlin, KAt. n.359,363, tav. XIII n.38-39
Boardman, Pierres précieuses et bagues, n.511, 578, 617, 867, 868, 957, 958.
U.K. private collection


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