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Los Nr. 7 - Auktion 15

3.000,00 EUR
2.400,00 EUR

Campania, Didrachm, Cumae, c. 325-300 BC; AR (g 7,42; mm 20; h 9); Head of nymph r., wearing diadem, earrings and necklace, Rv. KYMAIΩN, man-faced bull advancing r., crowning by flying Nike r. Sambon 298; HNItaly 536; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG ANS 249.
Extremely rare, cabinet tone, minor oxidations, good very fine.

The Group 19 of Rutter’s study contains coins with a combination of obverse and reverse dies (female head and bull) unique at Cumae. The suggestion that group belongs later in the fourth century. It represents a brief revival of didrachm coinage in the Cumaean name, in the latter hal of the fourth century (Rutter 1979, pp. 40-41)


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