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Los Nr. 6 - Auction 32

Basin with a narrow brim, converging truncated cone wall, flat base. VITERBO, 1320s. Archaic majolica painted in manganese brown and green in relief: plant motif on the brim; simple, reiterated decoration on the wall; a large Heraldic eagle with wings unfurled on the bottom; unadorned exterior.
Ø 33.5 cm; h. 9 cm. Cond.: reasonable; minor restoration. Bibl.: Various authors 1990, p. 209, entry 11.This large basin decorated with the coat-of-arms of the De Vico family of Viterbo is one of the finest examples of Italian majolica from the first half of the 14th century to have come down to us. The precious zaffera verde (green in relief) decoration testifies to the exquisite painterly and technical skill displayed by Italy's majolica makers in this period.


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