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Los Nr. 23 - Auction 32

woman bearing a fruit basket taking a children.
MARCHE, Francesco andMarco della Robbia; 1520 - 30.
polycromy majolica statue
H. cm 23; largh. max cm 20
Cond.: Excellent; little a chip in the basethis group in which a woman indicates something to a child , probably Jesus in his manger, owns to a presepe.
Stylistic and chromatic features, as well as quality of the material, points to della Robbia entourage, in particular Andrea’s sons: Marco (1468 - 1532ca) and Francesco (1477 – 1528ca). they became friars under the name of Mattia and Ambrogio, and continued practicing the art of Majolica even after moved to a Potenza Picena Monastery, a town in the Marche area


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