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Madonna and Child Figlio.
FLORENCE, Andrea della Robbia, 1510–30. Relief on plate in round-headed frame.
Polychrome painted majolica: bust of the Virgin Holding the Christ Child Standing, in white majolica with traces of gilding in the embroidered hems of the gown, in blue relief on the plate; polychrome frame comprising bunches of leaves and fruits on two sides: quinces, pine cones, plums, lemons, pears, medlars, and two small flowers on the left; the two sides join above, bound together by a braided ribbon.
69 x 59 cm.; <8.5 cm.>.
Condition: good; glueing in the bottom plate.
Thermoluminescence: S.R.Bari, 2002, Prot. N. 126TL/02: 1510 - 1530.
The Virgin, a thoughtful look on her face, holds up the Christ Child blessin in this frequent prototype in the output of the Della Robbia workshop, starting with Luca and continued by his nephew Andrea, his direct pupil and heir. The type enjoyed immense popularity thanks to the delicacy and sweetness of the figures' gestures and to the splendid milk white glaze that was to become a classic feature of the Della Robbia family's work. In an interesting comparison with the work of Luca (c. 1400–82), we see Andrea inverting his uncle's prototype by placing the Christ Child on the left of his mother rather than on the right. A date of 1510–30 suggested by thermoluminescence dovetails perfectly with the time frame of Andrea's life and career (1453–25).


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