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800,00/1.000,00 €
952,50 EUR

Mother-of-pearl box (Pinctada Maxima) and Holy Bible

Mother-of-pearl box (Pinctada Maxima) and Holy Bible
In good condition, measures approx. 25x20x12 cm
Box with inlays and applications in mother-of-pearl (Pinctada Maxima), small plates and plates to represent the scene of the Holy Nativity, cave with Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus, internally covered with red fabric, containing a Holy Bible in English (Holy Bible - Collin's Clear Type press - London and New York) with cover covered with dust jacket with inlaid mother-of-pearl plaques, probably a tribute from some American or English delegation to Mariapia Fanfani


Collezione Maria Pia Fanfani


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