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Los Nr. 18 - Auction 252

15.000,00/25.000,00 €
6.000,00 EUR
12.000,00 EUR

Lombardy Renaissance sideboard - 17th century, provenance Giovanelli family

with carvings typical of the Lombardy area, circa 17th century. In walnut wood. On the sides of the two finely carved doors are columns with caryatids.
Dimensions height x width x depth 112 x 168 x 58 cm.
Item condition grading: **** good. (original knobs replaced).
Belonged to Prince Carlo Giovanelli, heir of an Italian noble family, originally from Bergamo. This was one of the most powerful families in the city during the Renaissance and owned many landed estates and palaces in Venice and other cities in Italy. They played an important role in the history of Venice and Italy and some of its members were important patrons and art collectors.


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