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Los Nr. 294 - Auction 54

1.500,00-2.000,00 GBP
900,00 GBP
Aktuelles Gebot:
1.000,00 GBP

A roman red jasper intaglio. Bellerophon and Chimera. The greek hero, riding Pegasus, is about to throw his spear against Chimera (monstrous creature) from above. At the bottom, under the ground line, there are two letters ( MS or MZ) and a star. An interesting intaglio, of a remarkable value (both magic and apotropaic), and carried out with deep and vigorous carving. An allegory of fighting and of the victory of good forces against evil ones. For a similar sample, we mention the one at Hermitage Museum (num. Inv. ГР-24800). 2nd-3rd century A.D.
13 x 18 x 3 mm


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