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Los Nr. 218 - Auction 62

Pennsylvania, 1958 - New York, 1990

Pop Shop Bag, 1986
Print on plastic, 42 x 47,5 cm

Shopper in original plastic material designed by the artist on both sides with different subjects, from the Lafayette St. Pop Shop in New York and printed signature.
In 1986 Keith Haring opened his first Pop Shop in New York where he sells gadgets depicting his works and in which he is you can see it at work.
The artist opens the first in Manhattan and the second in Tokyo in 1987, where art, clothes, posters and drawings can be purchased at reasonable prices.  Haring paints all the interior walls, creating an experience immersive in its aesthetics.
Keith Haring's Pop Shop was born out of the artist's need for to make his art extravagant accessible to the widest possible audience.
"I wanted it to be a place where not only collectors could come, but also children from the Bronx".


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