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Los Nr. 313 - Auction 66 - Part II

A very fine pair of greek gold hellenistic earrings.
H. 53 mm; gr. 18,55 total

Each with a pan-shaped disk, the upturned edge decorated with beaded wire, the disk centered by a rosette, the petals rimmed with twisted wire, twisted wire double-spirals behind the petals, each with a hooked wire on the reverse formed into a loop which supports a solid-cast figure of Eros, the pair is identical; depicted nude and standing on a little pedestal, with their separately-made wings going through the feet with incised details for the feathers. Presenting with the right hand a plate of fruits (?). Granulation, Chisel, laminated and filigree gold. Very fine style and execution. Excellent state of preservation. With a Gold Analisys x-rays certification (Oxford Labs). UK, private collection. Acquired from Cohen Antiques, London W8.
For similar exemple see : Boston Museum of Fine Art, inv. 90.177; Metropolitan Museum, inv. 21.88.86, .87, inv. 1995.539 8a; inv. 30.116.1, .2 ; Christies sale Ancient Jewellery 2375, New York 2010, lot. 359.
Late 4th - 3rd century B.C.


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