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Los Nr. 10 - Web Auction 72

Two bowls, a cup, a vase

Two bowls in archaic majolica in copper green and manganese brown: A- large branch with leaves within circles; B- 4 sectors with trilobed leaf.
A- Ø m. 16,5; h. cm. 6,5. B- Ø m. 12; h. cm. 6,7.
Vertical wall cup on ring-shaped base; blue majolica with "monticelli" decoration on the inside and leafed cavetto decoration. Half reconstructed.
Upper Lazio, 15th century.
Colour-bearing jar with cylindrical body and extroverted mouth, in white majolica.
Ø cm. 5; h. cm. 6. Cond.:very good.

Upper Lazio, XV century.


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