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Los Nr. 12 - E-Live Auction 72

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Large cup with enlarged rim and small hollow support.
Majolica painted in red lustre in the shape of a female figure with a hat at the top, a small dress in the shape of a bell, with long sleeves; with her right hand she holds a carnation flower; around her are floral motifs and branches in balls among large lobed leaves in a horror vacui style. Front with fast oval lustre circles.
Ø cm. 35, 5 h. cm 8. Cond: a slit from edge to center.

Spain, Paterna o Manises, 15th century

The female figure in the technique called "golden loza" is often identified as "Angel". Examples can be found in Spanish museums; a beautiful cup is mentioned in the Gonzales Marti Museum. Here, however, the decoration is much more accurate with many details, and perhaps, since she holds a carnation in her hand, could also indicate the Madonna, from whose tears grew a carnation at the bottom of the Cross. As a symbol of love the carnation that the young woman holds in her hand could also be a gamelium, that is the gift and promise of love.


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