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Christian Dehn’s casts Collection
Rome, 1743; box: cm 34 x 28 (13 x 11’’); Collection composed of 148 oval shapes casts, made in sulphur and sealing wax, decpicted with mythological subjects and stored in a palisander box. Each cast is with pressed cardboard framed, to reproduce a gold effect. In addition, two manuscripts: the first, with the characters represented list and notices abouts provenance of moulds, and an original nineteenth century’s list with all the subjects depicted in. The reproducing was conceived by Christian Dehn who, in Rome, start to a specialized studio for a serial production of glass paste obtained from the most famous eighteenth-century european collections. After Dehn’s death, his son-in-law Francesco Maria Dolce, took the whole collection publishing it in three tomes in which there are a description of Dehn’s Museum patterns and a careful definition of the casts topic.
Two papers of the first list and two casts missing.

Mhytologica et Erotica, arte e cultura dall’antichità al XVIII secolo, exhibition catalogue, Firenze 2 october 2005-15 may 2006, O. Casazza (ed. by), Livorno 2005, pp. 79-81.

From an Italian private Collection.

This lot is sold with an export licence issued by the Republic of Italy.


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