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Los Nr. 645 - Auction 67

12.000,00 GBP
8.000,00 GBP
0,00 GBP

Iran, Qajar Dinasty, Nasir al-Din Shah (1848-1896), 10 Toman, 1873
AV (g 26,70; mm 36; h 12)
Lion lying to l.; above, a radiant sun; all within in a vegetal wreath, Rv. The standard royal protocol surrounded by a circle beaded, all within in a vegetal wreath. Fr. - ; KM V17.
Extremely rare. One of the most beautiful presentation multiples issued by Nasir al-Din.The edge reeding of this specimen appears to be produced by machinery. It is possible that the blanks were manufactured in Europe or elsewhere and purchased by the Iranian government for use. Among the finest specimens known; previously on a jewel, about extremely fine.


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