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Los Nr. 22 - Auction 68 - Session I

100,00 EUR

Vintage 1987, Fountain Pen Omas A.M. 87, Limited wood edition for Stilo Fetti Roma

The barrel is marked "OMAS per STILO FETTI" and the pen nib bears the words "OMAS 585 14K". Place on the market as a limited edition in 1987, design by Gianluca Malaguti, son of Angelo, son-in-law of the OMAS founder Armando Simoni. The realization was very difficult because it was necessary to obtain briar pieces of sufficient thickness; the finishing with vegetable resin was also complicated to make it unassailable from ink. Length 14.8 cm. Item condition grading: **** good, the barrel is still in very good condition and has not been polished, the original gold filled clip and the band on the cap are in very good conditions. This is a vintage pen, not tested, it seems in good working order but it could need a minor overhauling and/or control before use.


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