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Los Nr. 309 - Auction 71

1.500,00-1.800,00 EUR
1.200,00 EUR
Aktuelles Gebot:
1.800,00 EUR

Rome, 1982

Changes, 2012
Mixed media and coffee on canvas, 115 x 60 cm
Signed, dated, titled e dedicated on the back: “Flavio Carbonaro, Solo, 2012, “Changes”, x Creamhot”

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Solo embarked on a successful artistic career that saw him protagonist of several exhibitions, personal and collective, including: "Scala Mercalli", group exhibition at the Auditorium of Rome, and Viennart vs The Trip , at the MACRO in Rome in 2011.
The beginning of his artistic production coincides with the boom of Graffiti Art in Italy in the second half of the 90s and it is in that period that he is fascinated by the world of Writing because, sensing the lack of public sharing of the work, he finds in the Street Art the way to combine the world of the street with art. Thus the protagonists of his paintings inspired by the imagery of comics return to the walls of the city and fall into ordinary, not always winning situations. Super heroes who resist the adversities of life and, in difficulty, become a positive example for the community.


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