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Los Nr. 205 - Auction 74


Snowy landscape with figures

Six panels screen painted in ink and colours on paper

170 x 350 cm

Provenance: Italian private collection, acquired in Japan in 1970s.
Born in the province of Bungo, a southern island of Kyūshū, in a merchant family, Takahashi Sōhei joined in 1822 Tanomura Chikuden (1779-1835), one of the leading exponents of the Nanga school, to which he himself adhered. In 1823 he moved to Kyoto to attend the major pictorial circles of the country. He died at a young age from natural causes. His works are preserved in the Metropolitan Museum of New York and in the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

* This screen constitutes a pair with the screen at the previous lot.


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