Los Nr. 8 - Auction 75

Italian Art Deco Style Wardrobe by Osvaldo Borsani for Atelier Varedo Borsani, late 1920s

Art Deco style wardrobe made by Osvaldo Borsani for Atelier Varedo by Gaetano Borsani. The wardrobe is in rosewood and maple. The central body of the wardrobe is surmounted by a green marble slab and has 3 main doors with mirrors with an inlaid hexagonal frame lacquered in silver. At the sides there are two narrow doors with relative compartments and internal shelves. At the bottom 2 drawers with maple front panel create chromatic alternation with the dark color of the rosewood.
The base of the wardrobe has a frame with an inlaid edge. On the top of the wardrobe stands a molding in gold lacquered wood inlaid with floral motif in Deco style. Given its very high level of workmanship, the object is published in the monograph Osvaldo Borsani by Francesco de Luca Editore on pp48-49 together with other elements of the bedroom that was created by the atelier.
Published work. Photo publication available.The object is assembled exclusively by interlocking without the help of any tool.


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