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Los Nr. 18 - Auction 86

3.600,00 GBP

A fine greek garnet microsculpture mounted on a modern gold ring. Lioness.

5th-4th century B.C.

Stone: 16 mm Ring: 16 x 18 mm 12.80 gr

The feline is lying down, with the body in profile and the head raised facing frontally. The eyes are round, made of a different stone and set in the garnet microsculpture in two small holes. The style and the execution are typical of this classical Greek production. Attractive vivid color of the stone. The postclassical gold massive ring is inspired by ancient models. Slight wear marks. Very rare.

Parallels: G.M.A. Richter, Catalogue of engraved gems. Greek, etruscan and roman. The Metropolitan Museum of New York, p. 15 n. 55; Antiken Gemmen in Deutschen Sammlungen, Band I, Staatliche Munzsammlung Munchen, p. 70 n. 358.

European private collection.


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