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Los Nr. 30 - Auction 86

1.800,00 GBP

A roman nicolo intaglio set in an etruscan gold ring. Bull.

intaglio: 1st-2nd century A.D.; ring: 4th-3rd century B.C.

intaglio : 9 x 12 mm ring diam : 15 x 12 mm 4,02 g

This specimen is an interesting testimony of glyptic reuse. The gold-foil hollow ring is an Etruscan production; the nicolo intaglio is a roman imperial production (a similar case is attested, with the same type of stone, London, British Museum, FR 298). Intact.

Parallel: Aa.Vv., L'Oro degli Etruschi, M. Cristofani and M. Martelli, p. 300 n. 190.

U.K. private collection


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