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Los Nr. 185 - Auction 99

100,00 EUR

La Raison is a beautiful hand-watercolored lithograph on wire rod paper, realized by the French genre painter Antoine Carré, as the inscriptions on plate report below the oval engraving, "Dessiné par Desrais / Gravé par Carré."

This engraving was made after an original painting by the French artist Claude-Louis Desrais, published by Paul André Basset, as the inscription on plate below the central title reports: "A Paris, chez Basset. M.d d'Estampes, rue Jacques, au coin de celle des Mathurins."

This original print depicting an allegorical subject, full of symbols, shows the personification of Reason, represented as a woman with helmet and armor petting a roaring lion and holding a bundle in which a snake and a small French flag are wrapped.

In very good conditions, except for some imperceptible stains spread on the margins.

Including a white cardboard passepartout.

Claude-Louis Desrais (Paris, 1746 - 1816) was a French painter and illustrator, pupil of Francesco Casanova.
29 x 21 (foglio), 52.5 x 37 (passepartout)


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