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Los Nr. 187 - Auction 99

100,00 EUR

L'indivisibilité is a beautiful hand-watercolored lithograph on wire rod paper, realized by the French genre painter Duchemin, as the inscriptions on plate report below the oval engraving, "Desrais del." and "Duchemin sculp."

This original print shows an allegorical subject with an array of symbols. Indivisibility is personified as a winged angel holding a sword, an ax, a beam with the French flag, and leaning on a marble stele with the bas-rilief of a bat with thorns, three hearts on fire, and two joined hands.

In very good conditions, except for some minor brown stains on the right margin. This little defect does not affect the central image.

Including a white cardboard passepartout.
29 x 21 (foglio), 20 x 13 (image), 52.5 x 37 (passepartout)


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