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Los Nr. 194 - Auction 99

150,00 EUR

George Cruikshank (1792 - 1878)

Satirical etching printed in London by S W Fores in 1816. A caricaturist, draftsman, engraver and etching artist, Cruikshank began his career as an apprentice to his father. His first works were for the most part caricatures, but, starting in 1825, he dedicated his business to book illustration, reaching notoriety thanks to collaborations with Lauren ce Sterne and Charles Dickens.
His fame increased with the ferocious caricatures of members of the royal family and major politicians of the time. He is considered the heir of James Gillray as the most famous satirical cartoonist in the United Kingdom, he drew inspiration from current events, politics, the economy, crime news, political and court intrigues, and the enemies of Great Britain.
37,7 x 28,5 cm
Rare engraving, cut at the four corners and glued on heavy ivory paper.


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