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Lot 3 - Auction 107

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A greek lentoid chalcedony seal intaglio. Lioness.

Late 2nd millenium B.C. - Early 1st millenium B.C.

diam 17 mm; width 8 mm

The lioness is facing with her body to the left, with her head turned back to the right. The feline opens its mouth showing its teeth and tongue. The eye is engraved with a circle. The tail is raised and ends in a spiral. The stone is drilled with a through hole. Small chips on the surface. Traces of drill in the execution. Wear marks. The intaglio shows stylistic and technical features of late Minoan production (eye, shape of the seal, subject) and an early archaic composition, probably in a transitional phase.

From the collection of Adrien Blanchet (conservateur at the Cabinet des Médailles BNF, Paris).


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