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Lot 23 - Auction 107

600,00/800,00 £
Starting price:
500,00 GBP
Price realized:
950,00 GBP

An eastern greek bronze engraved ring. Bull.

5th century B.C.

15 x 20 mm; ring size 17 x 19 mm; 6,04 gr.

Plain hoop, rounded without and flatten within, extending in broader shoulders rising into flat oval bezel with engraved design; a bull facing right. His body characterized by stylized features and globular eyes and snout. On top, a palm branch. Dark green patina and presence of deposit on the surface of the ring. Probably Cypriot. Parallel: for a similar typology see Marshall, Finger Rings, 1968, pl. XXX, 1247.

Provenance: english art market.


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