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Lot 25 - Auction 107

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5.000,00 GBP
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27.000,00 GBP

A fine etruscan banded agate scarab intaglio set in a swivel gold ring. Hermes Psychopomp.

4th century B.C.

scarab 15x22x8 mm; int diam 19x22mm; 14,56 gr.

Hermes psychopomp moves to the left, but with the frontal torso and the head turned in profile backwards. The young god is naked and wears just the petasos resting on his shoulder and holds the kerikeion in his right hand; in his left hand he holds an idol depicting Hercules with a club (perhaps an allegory of souls towards the afterlife). Dotted frame. Groundline. This extraordinary representation is engraved on a scarab carved on an orange agate with equally extraordinary white stripes. On the back, in correspondence with the body of the insect, the two symmetrical white veins form an elegant V, perfectly centered. Signs of wear. Parallels: P. Zazoff, Etruskische skarabaen, 1968, n. 109. Cades, Gemme etrusche, 1b II 66. Furtwangler, AG. Taf. 16,54. AGDS, Band II, Staatliche Museen Preubischer Kulturbesitz Antikenabteilung, Berlin, taf. 50 n. 232. Cfr. Silver stater of Pheneus, Arcadia, 360-330 B.C.

Provenance: this scarab was mounted on a Castellani bracelet, in which the engraved part was covered and partially hidden by the frame. It is then reassembled as an old swivel ring. Uk private collection.


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