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Lot 286 - Auction 112

350,00/500,00 €
Starting price:
260,00 EUR
Price realized:
320,00 EUR

French silver Louis XV cup - 18th century

of circular shape with applied decorations and double scroll handles on the sides. On the body the inscription "J DE MAILLEBOIS" probably referring to Jean-Baptiste François Desmarets, Marquis de Maillebois (Paris, 1682 - Paris, 7 February 1762). Hallmarked with the 18th century French marks, and with the marks in use after 1838. On the ground is set a French silver medal of 1747 with the isrizion " A/ LUD. XV. REX - CHRISTIANISS" and the with the bust of Louis XV in profile to the right.
Height 10 cm, diameter 13 cm, maximum width 17 cm. Weight 337 g.
Item condition grading: **** good. Small dent.


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