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Lot 32 - Auction 32

25.000,00-30.000,00 EUR
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20.000,00 EUR
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20.000,00 EUR

Footed Cup DERUTA, Giacomo Mancini, called Il Frate (The Friar), half 16th century.Polychrome painted and gold-plated majolica Recto: Abduction of Ganymede; verso: anepigraphic Ø 25 cm, height 16.5 cmItem condition grading: excellentA rare case of mythological painting by Giacomo Mancini from Deruta, known as “the Friar”, the cup portrays Ganymede, the handsome boy being abducted while hunting by Zeus in the form of an eagle to serve as a cup-bearer for the gods. Background to the scene is a striking landscape strongly resembling the one on the Saint Cecilia plate held in the Hermitage. Probably created between 1541 and 1545, the work is enriched by the exquisite iridescence of the gold-plating.


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