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Lot 34 - Auction 32

20.000,00-25.000,00 EUR
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18.000,00 EUR
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18.000,00 EUR

Plate CASTELDURANTE, Andrea da Negroponte, half 16th century (1551)Polychrome painted majolica. Recto: the wedding of Alexander and Roxane; coat of arms featuring the motto SAPIENS DOMINABITUR ASTRIS; verso: two yellow circles. Ø 19 cm, height 25 cmItem condition grading: good (recomposed fracture). Prov.: ITALIKA collection; Inv. no.: M181 Bibl: Gardelli 1999, pp. 320-322, no. 141 Porro & Co. Auction Catalogue no. 26, 16/05/2006, Lot 23 The plate is part of the valuable and renowed Sapiens Dining Set, many items from which are left in existence, some dated 1551 (Gardelli 1999, p. 322, footnote 1); all of them sport a coat of arms and a cartouche reading SAPIENS DOMINABITUR ASTRIS as their motif, hence the name the author of the work is referred to by: “Painter of the Sapiens Dining Set”.


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