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Lot 47 - Auction 32

6.000,00-8.000,00 EUR
Starting price:
3.000,00 EUR
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3.000,00 EUR

Plate ANVERSA, Atelier of Guido Andriesz from the Savini di Casteldurante family, first quarter 17th centuryMonochromatic yellow-gold with traces of light blue painted majolica, decorated in grottesche (the “Raffallesco style”) across the board and portraying a Cupid in a landscape at the centre. Ø 45 cm.Item condition grading: good (a minor intervention on the rim, as wll as some minor gluings on the right side).Extremely beautiful and remarkable, the plate is from the atelier founded in Flanders by Guido Savini di Casteldurante, who relocated to the Low Countries in 1508 to start a factory business; he took up Andriesz as his new surname and died in 1570, passing his atelier down to his sons. The style of the work is reminiscent of the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican, showing how Andriesz had kept a close bond with the late 16th century / early 17th century art scene in Urbino.


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