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Lot 51 - Auction 32

3.000,00-4.000,00 EUR
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2.500,00 EUR
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DELFT, 17th – 18th centuriesBlue-on-ivory painted majolica. Recto: flowering branch, plus a crucifix in the centre of the concave part with a relief of blood-like red dots on Christ’s rib cage and hands.
Ø 22.7 cmItem condition grading: fair (enamel on the verso chipped in the firing process).
Prov.: Paris, Le Louvre des Antiquaires, Geraldine Antiquitès, 1997. Extremely rare Dutch plate portraying a religious scene. The few other known Passio Christis from North Holland lack the striking detail of the flowing blood; furthermore, they do not portray Christ alone, but flanked by the two Marys.


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