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Lot 59 - Auction 32

1.000,00-1.200,00 EUR
Starting price:
800,00 EUR
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0,00 EUR

Jug with spherical body, long flared neck with trilobata mouth with support disc.Majolica painted in brow chrome: in the front “stemma” crowned with the PP letters; at the bottom the date 1735. H. cm: 18.5; support cm. 7,5.Cond. Great. TORRE DEI PASSERI, Workshop of Lorenzo Pompei; 1735.At Torre dei Passeri moved Castelli Lorenzo from Pompei family, for married Cecilia de Florentis from that town. Here in the 1690 he opened a ceramic manufacture, were different generations worked there at list until the 1780 with good quality of production. The emblem is a little bit fantasy, and it can look like the one of the Medici surmounted by a crown. The emblem is very particular and you can found it in others tiles. (Franceschillis – de Pompeis 1974, fig.21; Aa.Vv., 1994 -1996, fig.59,60).


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