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Caroni, 1982 Velier 24yo Rum Full Proof Heavy

Trinidad. 1 bt - vintage 1982.
70 cl - 58,3% vol.
Filling level: top shoulder (TS), usual level for wines over 15 years old.
Packing: original carton box in good condition.
Condition report: label and capsule in perfect condition.

Note: The Caroni distillery was born more than 100 years ago as one of many processors of the excellent cane molasses of Trinidad, the southernmost island in the Caribbean. In the last years of the last century it held more than 90 percent of the sugar production of the entire state of Trinidad and Tobago, until it was suddenly shut down by a government decision in 2003.
On a trip to the Caribbean in 2004, an importer from Genova Luca Gargano found the factory closed, reduced to industrial archeology, but, in the large warehouse, hundreds of barrels of rum were stored: from the oldest dating back to 1974 to the youngest from 2000. Then began the work of importing, bottling and disseminating that very important and precious heritage that was in danger of being locked up forever in the old distillery's large warehouses.
Caroni bottles today represent the historical memory of a great state-owned distillery and sugar mill that became famous for its great rum only after it was decommissioned. From the high-quality molasses of the island of Trinidad (there are no sugar cane plantations on the island today) an intense, enveloping distillate was produced, the last examples of which are now a must-have treasure for all rum lovers.


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