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Lot 161 - Auction 34


School of Socrates
End of 18th century
Oil on canvas, 64 x 76 cm
In an ideal architectural space that marks the painting with arches, five characters show an evident manierist and Michelangelo’s style influence. This one can be seen in the colours of draperies, muscles, poses and twisting of the feet. The iconographic detail of the amphora and the gesture of the main character point to the neoclassical subject of Socrates's death in Jacques-Luis-David's version.
Specifically, the artwork could depict the moment when Socrates, according to Platone, has been sentenced and refused Critone’s entreaties who would want to run him away: an important lesson of ethics and devotion to the laws, maybe hightlighted by the dog in the background, a symbol of loyalty.


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