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Lot 177 - Auction 34

2.000,00-2.500,00 EUR
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1.360,00 EUR
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1.360,00 EUR

(Chauny, 1615 - Paris, 1676)

Landscape with architectures

Oil on canvas, 66 x 49.5 cm
The canvas is attributed to Pierre Patel, a French artist best known for his landscapes.
His production is influenced by Laurent de La Hyre, a painter whose balanced scenes were valued by ancient ruins painted with special attention.
This painting shows those elements that distinguish Patel's landscapes illuminated by a bright light and enriched by architectural structures that mark the space. The presence of figures, as in this case of a shepherd boy and two silhouettes in the background, could be found in other artworks made by the same artist such as Landscape with ruins preserved at Louvre. This is a characteristic resumed by the Parisian painting’s classicist current of the mid-seventeenth century.


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