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Lot 525 - Auction 38

500,00-700,00 EUR
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300,00 EUR
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320,00 EUR

Bristol, 1974

Save or Delete - Manifesto for Greenpeace and paper with eight Stickers, 2002
Colored offset on 100% recycled paper, Manifesto 59,5 x 42 cm, Paper 29,5 x 21 cm
Rare edition

Commissioned by Greenpeace for the 'Save or Delete campaign - A last chance to save the world's ancient forests'
Image taken from 'The Jungle Book', Walt Disney on background with deforestation photo
Bansksy realized the awareness campaign for Greenpeace to highlight the problems of global deforestation and to fight illegal timber trade. The prints were withdrawn after a dispute with Disney, that has injuncted Greenpeace from using cartoon characters for the advertising campaign, but some posters were already printed, posted and affixed on the streets of London. Some of the main characters of Disney's 'Jungle Book' are transposed on a photographic image of a real devastated forest


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