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Lot 526 - Auction 38

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360,00 EUR
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Pittsburgh, 1928 – New York, 1987

Lion, 1975
Photolithographic reproduction - four-colored offset, 21 x 28 cm

Signed on lower right: monogram "AW" and authenticated with dry stamp by 'BolaffiArte' on lower left

Work performed for the 'Lo Zodiaco' series by BolaffiArte in 5,000 copies reserved for 'Club of 5,000', numbered No. 2376 on the back. Attached to BolaffiArte's Magazine No. 49
Print Ages arti grafiche, Turin

In the '60s, publisher Bolaffi realized the art covers for his magazine BOLAFFIARTE - from No. 116 of 1982 'ArteMondadori'.
He invites over a hundred different artists to express themselves on various topics such as the alphabet, the Arabic numerals, the deadly sins, the liberal arts, the Muses, the five senses, the colors of the rainbow, the seeds, the figures of playing cards and finally the Zodiac signs.
For each artwork the publisher makes a unique and unrepeatable run of 5000 signed and numbered copies,
with the dry punch of the publishing house as 'cachet d'atelier'.
The print is of a high standard and cared for in detail


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