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Bristol, 1945

Stones Along The Way - Portfolio, 1999
Twelve prints on Japanese paper by printing press, 32 x 23 cm
Portfolio of twelve print box
Pencil signature and numeration lower front: Richard Long, n.14/18 first page with title 'Stones Along the Way' by Richard Long
Last page signed and numbered by the artist: 'A Walk of 1030 Mileses in 33 Days from the Southernmost Point to the Northernmost Point of Mainland Britain - The Lizard to Dunnet Head 1998'
Editor Laura Salvi, Roma
Print Laura Salvi, Roma

Richard Long Prints 1970 - 2013, p. 45

Richard Long is a visual artist, photographer and sculptor, very important exponent of the Land Art.
The work illustrates the trip between the southernmost and the northernmost parts of Great Britain, Lizard and Dunnet Head, of 1030 miles in 33 days, through the sketches of the 'miliary stones' along the way.
Long describes the man who walks in the landscape, interfering and talking with him.
The sequentiality of the journey becomes the sequentiality of the line, the reordering of natural chaos through art, which tends to rhythmically gather the graphemes.
The relationship between the Land art and the primitive languages should be pointed out.
The works of the artist are exposed in the most important collections of contemporary art and in the world ‘s greatest museums


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