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Lot 543 - Auction 38

7.000,00-9.000,00 EUR
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7.000,00 EUR
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0,00 EUR

Pittsburg, 1928 - New York, 1987

Art Cash - Ones, 1971
Colored offset on paper, 93 x 60 cm
Collection of fiftytwo Art Cash-Ones, two of them signed on the front with marker
Print American Banknote Company

Pop Icons, Restelliartco Gallery, Rome, from January 20, to February 6 2015

Private collection

The banknotes have been realized for the foundraising to support the Experiments in Art and Technology - E.A.T. to use at the casino gaming tables to purchase the donated art work.
Every banknote has been invented by a different artist, Raushenberg, Whitman, Gormley, Grooms and Marisol.
Warhol creates the 'One' banknote, printed by the American Banknote Company, with the same paper used for the United States currency. One sample alone has been sold for $ 300


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