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Lot 88 - Auction 47


Lot of 20 watercolors and 5 etchings, about 1805-1830
Watercolors and etchings, 8-25,5 x 11,5-33,5 cm circa
All examples are made on watermarked paper.
Seven watercolors are signed Michela De Vito (first half of the nineteenth century)
One watercolor is signed Xav Della Gatta (news 1777-1827)
One watercolor is signed Giuseppe Zacco (Catania, 1786-1834)
The others watercolors and the five etchings (dated XIX century) are signed by an anonymous author.

The work of Della Gatta is inscribed lower center: NAPLES. Treaties, or funeral pump for a dead man, who goes to the burial, accompanied by the company of the Whites

"Trades and costumes in watercolors by Michela de Vito", Antiques Library Pregliasco, Turin 1991


Lot status:
Auction closed