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Lot 71 - Auction 53

Cup (water whistle)
Vine leaf shaped cup on high swollen foot; the whistle opening is a hollow tube leaning on branch, surrounding a seated Putto, tutto tondo, inserted in tendril patterns; vegetal background.
Painted majolica in polychrome: two tones yellow, light green and brown colored lumps on putto’s hair.
H. cm.9; Ø mx 15,5; Øp. cm. 6,8.
H. cm.9; Ø mx 15,5; Ø b. cm. 6,8. Cond.: intact.

Deruta, late XVI– early XVII century
The whistle cup has comparison in some examples, with minimum variants, preserved in several Italian museums (Faenza, Arezzo, Milan, Castello Sforzesco) even in France (Ecouen, Louvre).

[References: (edit by) C. Salsi, Museo d’arti applicate Ceramiche, Tome I, Milan 2000, p. 98 n. 89, Coppa (fischietto ad acqua), recorded by G. Busti – F. Cocchi]


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