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Lot 94 - Auction 54

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Roman Bronze Sistrum
2nd - 3rd century AD; height cm 29,5; The sistrum was used during religious ceremonies to ward off evil spirits with its jingling noise. It was particularly necessary in the observance of mystery cults such as the worship of Isis, and statues of the goddess often depict her holding a sistrum; this specimen show the face of goddess Hathor incorporated into the sistrum's design, and an image of the god Bes serves as the object's handle. Inside of the naos-shaped top is a small cat; another cat on top of the arch, and various symbols and animals as decoration; on each side, Isis crown. Reference: close comparison in Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (ÄM 9710). Provenance: Private collection, acquired on the German art market in 1990s.


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