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Lot 292 - Auction 54

4.000,00-5.000,00 GBP
Starting price:
1.000,00 GBP
Current bid:
15.500,00 GBP

A rare, roman nicolo intaglio, mounted in an ancient gold ring. Menorah. The seven-armed chandelier ends with a three-edged base (the tripode base typology can be observed in numerous coeval artifacts, for ex. Mosaics, relief depictions on engravings on stone or marble). Besides, we can see some attributes: a bunch of grapes and a small horn (shofar) on the left; a leafy branch on the right. Rare iconography, of a peculiar historical interest (see the depictions found in the jewish catacomb of Monteverde, Rome). Slightly convex bezel, set into its original mounting, which is characterized by a flat hoop. Light wear marks. For comparisons and insights: Jeffrey Spier, Late Antique and Early Christian Gems, pp. 159-163, specifically the specimen n. 947 (drawing) by Ficoroni and Galeotti, Gemmae antiquae litteratae, 68-69, Tavola I, fig.2. 3rd - 4th century A.D.
intaglio 9 x 11 x 3 mm; ring diam. 19 x 16 mm; gr. 5,58


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