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Lot 297 - Auction 54

1.000,00-1.500,00 GBP
Starting price:
800,00 GBP
Price realized:
1.200,00 GBP

A roman magic jadeite intaglio. Gnostic symbologies. The bezel, of a slightly truncated conical shape, shows a scarab on the smaller face; on the bigger one, traces of Chnoubis surrounded by the ouroboros. Beautiful kind of jadeite, with grey and red micro-inclusions. Rare iconography, containing symbols of a solar allegory. Light wear marks. For comparisons: A. Mastrocinque, Sylloge Gemmarum Gnosticarum, vol. I, pp. 219-223 (for the scarab); pp. 242-262 (for Cnoubis and the related symbology). 2nd - 3rd century A.D.
11 x 16 x 4 mm


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