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Como, 1692 - Roma, 1756

Modern Rome, ca. 1748

690 x 470 mm
The first edition was printed in 1773, with a legend of 173 numbers against the 170 of the original Nolli. At the top left, there is the dedication to Cardinal Boschi.
The city is depicted within the Aurelian walls, except for the lands outside Porta Pia, Porta del Popolo and Porta Angelica.
On the lower margin stands out San Pietro square, the Trevi fountain, Santa Maria Maggiore and Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, according to the model indicated by Nolli.
The work was reprinted, without any updating, by Giuseppe Vasi in 1780 and then by Monaldini in ca. 1820. Monaldini's print sees the legend implemented - n. 174 Sacristy of St. Peter - and the dedication to Cardinal Boschi disappears, replaced by a new title


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