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Lot 225 - Auction 62

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Pittsburgh, 1928 - New York, 1987

Folder of 8 serygraphs of Marylin Monroe, Sunday B. Morning - After Warhol, 2000’s


Serigraphy on paper, 91,4 x 91,4 cm


Marilyn with "Fill in your own signature" and "published by Sunday B. Morning" stamp in blue ink on the back.

The image of Marilyn is taken from the advertising photography of Gene Korman realized for the film "Niagara" of 1953 and used from Warhol for the 1967 portfolio.
In 1970, Sunday B. Morning created a second portfolio in an edition of 250 numbered copies, with the same colors and sizes of the original with a black ink stamp on the back and an edition of different colors, not authorized and commonly called " This Is Not By Me ". The last series created by the renewed Sunday B. Morning - "After Warhol", is distinguished from the blue ink stamp on the back.


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