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Lot 231 - Auction 62

12.000,00-15.000,00 EUR
Starting price:
9.600,00 EUR
Current bid:
9.600,00 EUR

Bristol, 1969/1974

Umbrella Rat, 2003-05
Black spray paint on metal, 42 x 23,5 x 2,5 cm




Street Art work with an image of 'Rat' with umbrella, removed from the roadway in winter 2005. Made on a metal roadside electrical panel in the Hoxton area, London. The Umbrella Rat 'is a recurring image of Banksy.
The paint is still in excellent condition since it has long been that the work is no longer in contact with atmospheric agents.




Note: Please note that Pest Control Office does not issue certificates on works not originally intended for sale


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Auction closed