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Lot 80 - Auction 25

3.000,00-5.000,00 GBP
Starting price:
1.500,00 GBP
Price realized:
11.000,00 GBP

A very interesting epigraph
Time of Commodus, AD 177 - 192; height cm 26 (10’’); Interesting inscription datable during time of Commodus (Line 4); citing Public Monuments (Line 1: Apollinis and Lines 5-6: porticu Iovis Capito/[linis]). On Line 6 is referred a promise (dicsistis) and later is mentioned a fund, from which to draw for commemorate an event fell on February 25 (Line 12: V Kal(endas) Mart(ias)). On the last lines, a list with the amount of food delivered during this commemoration (roosters, honey, meats, bulbs, figs).
Acquired on the UK art market in the 1990s.


Lot status:
Auction closed