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Lot 22 - Auction 66

Manner of Epeleios or Euergides, ca. 510 - 500 BC
height cm 13; diam cm 32
With a young man in the central tondo, depicted naked, slightly genuflected and with his hands in a laver. Around, the Greek inscription: HO PAIS KALOS.
The peculiar characteristics of style revoke the design of Epeleios Painter, an Attic cup painter belonging to the "Coarses Wing" characterized by a limited repertoire. The greek inscription is very common and it usually associated to the deppiction of young man under fourteen years of age.

Connor Peter, Jackson Heather (2000) A Catalogue of Greek Vases in the Collection of the University of Melbourne at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, South Melbourne : Macmillan.

From the Schneider collection, Vienna, early 20th century.


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